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    Welcome to Guardian Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd. houzz interior design ideas
  Designer Decorative Toughened Laminated Insulated Glass



Welcome to the World of Glass! Such a versatile material! We can recreate the entire world in glass!

Explore Unlimited Possibilities

Did you know glass can be built to serve privacy, safety, security, energy, light and acoustic needs yet be customized to provide unlimited options in design?

Did you know glass can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, as a staircase, as a flooring, etc? Not only as an aesthetic choice but it also provides superior advantages over traditional materials.

Our website has been redesigned with the aim of educating customers about the immense possibilities in glass. We believe in the synthesis of form and functionality and can customize each product to the customer's requirements. Please take a moment to browse through various categories and learn about the unlimited possibilities in glass.


Learn and Be Informed

We've also started the Glass Academy online to educate customers about the suitability of glass from a safety, security, energy, acoustic and lighting perspective. Learn about the different products available in the market and their suitability for you. Because we believe an informed customer can make an educated decision regarding his needs and specifications and thus not overspend!
Instant Estimate Online

One of the exciting things we've been working on this year is the online estimation capability. You can browse various products, pick your layout, customize your hardware and get a quote instantly. We are starting with shower enclosures and will add a host of other products soon. There is also a guide to help you through the process. We've designed to make this process hassle free. Hope you find it useful.